The 10 Essential Car Accessories

Check out our list of 10 essential car accessories. Road trips mean a lot of time behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are many options to enhance your experience. Feel safer, more comfortable and enjoy your trip more with this list of top car accessories.

Dash Camera or Dash Cam

Even if you are a cautious driver and take all the necessary precautions on the road, not all drivers will be as careful as you. Dash Cam car cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years because of the confidence they offer drivers.

The purpose of the dash camera is to capture all the events on the road and the sound inside the car, in order to have your trip documented in case you are involved in a traffic accident or any incident while traveling.

It is a type of camera that is mounted on the windshield, or on the dashboard of the car, and is designed to record sounds and images while you drive. It is recommended to choose a camera with a good image quality, preferably 1080p.

Car mobile phone holder

To conveniently view any navigation application on your phone while driving you will need a phone holder. Most of these devices are easy to mount, as they attach securely to the vent blades without difficulty and work well with almost all phone models.

Even if you know the route, navigation applications can be very useful for checking traffic and avoiding traffic jams. The more complete phone holder models even allow you to recharge your phone wirelessly while travelling.

Seat covers

Car seat covers are the best way to protect the interior of any vehicle and prevent dirt from affecting the upholstery. These covers are available in any size and colour to suit any car model.

The modern designs and comfort of these covers is the reason why they are ideal for improving the look of old car seats. There are different types but the most popular are universal seat covers, custom fit for specific car models and baby seat covers.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Portable handheld vacuum cleaners are the perfect solution for keeping your car interior clean. Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuuming allows you to clean quickly and thoroughly at the same time, without the logistical difficulties of a regular vacuum cleaner.

The narrow nozzle allows you to reach every corner of your car interior with ease. A handheld vacuum cleaner is very useful for cleaning anywhere and anytime, a good option for cleaning the car, home or office.

Car Air Purifier

By simply plugging an air purifier into your car’s cigarette lighter, you can enjoy better air quality on every trip you take. Unlike typical car air fresheners, the air purifier takes care of eliminating bad odors from your car and not just hiding them.

The mechanism is to release negatively charged ions that attach to air particles, such as dust and microbes, and then collect them on a positively charged plate inside the air purifier, eliminating bad odors from the environment.

USB car charger

GPS navigation quickly reduces your phone’s battery life, so having a USB car charger is essential for all drivers. Depending on your phone and other devices you have, there are many types of car chargers available. However, thanks to the universal USB ports, drivers can charge a variety of devices using a single charger.

Most of these devices have two USB ports to charge two devices at maximum speed at once, with a maximum output of 4.8A through the two ports.

Portable electric refrigerator

Any long road trip during the hot summer holidays would be much less uncomfortable with a mini fridge to keep your snacks and drinks cool.

Some of these coolers even have a dual function that allows you to keep your food warm on cold winter days, as is the case with the Severin cooler, which is used both to cool drinks and food and to keep them warm with a 220-240v connection for the house current and another 12v connection for the car’s cigarette lighter. An ideal accessory for campsites, long road trips and excursions of any kind.

Car Starter

One of the essential accessories for cars, especially for people who travel a lot and enjoy outdoor activities. This tool allows you to start the car when the battery is low, such as after leaving the headlights on with the engine off for a long time.

The most obvious advantage of a car starter is the fact that it eliminates the need to find someone to loan your car to provide starting power to the disabled vehicle.

First aid kit

Having a well-stocked, ready-to-use first aid kit is one of the best ways to prepare for possible emergencies you may encounter on the road.

A first aid kit is recommended as complete as possible, including things like antiseptic wipes, safety pins, finger patches, first aid tape, scissors, etc. Most kits are compact and well organized to fit easily into your car’s glove compartment or trunk.

An emergency kit is something you should always keep in mind, in your car, at home and even at the office.

Hydraulic jack

A puncture is not a very pleasant experience, and whether you have a new or a second-hand car, sooner or later you may end up with a flat tire. To change it you will need a hydraulic jack, the new models are light, compact and easy to store in your car.

It is important to study the process and practice how to remove and put on one of the wheels of your car in advance, and it is always better to ask for help if you have any doubts.

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