Saving tips for buying a new car

Become a price hunter to make better profits when buying a car.

If this year you have set “I want to buy a new car” as your goal, but you don’t want to leave all your savings behind either, we will give you some tips that will allow you to keep a few euros.

The important thing is that you dedicate some hours of your time to do a good market research in which you can analyze and compare prices and different options… Remember! Following these little tricks can make a big difference when buying a new vehicle, at a moderate cost.

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How to buy a new and cheap car?

Visit dealers

See as many as you can, including some located outside your province (if possible). Remember that no agency is the same as another and they don’t have the same prices, so a dealership that is a little further away from your location may offer better prices or payment plans. The only thing you should take into consideration is the so-called “financing discounts”, since you may be at a disadvantage when paying the interest.

Evaluate the catalogues for a price reference and compare it with the offer you find on the internet, but don’t be persuaded by the first offer you get from the agency, there are always more options!

Don’t forget to ask for a written estimate that includes all the expenses involved in buying a car. Remember that any additional equipment can significantly increase the final price.

Buy a 0 km

While you are at the dealership, consider buying a 0 km car, which, unlike stock cars, usually have a better price because they are manufactured units that have not yet been able to be sold, and it would be convenient for you even if it is not the color specifications you were looking for. In short, this would be aspects to consider when it comes to lowering costs.

Help with buying a car

Once you’ve chosen the car you want to buy, you can apply for government car subsidies. There are also aids and social initiatives that, in previous years, have been very successful, such as: the Movalt Plan, aimed at vehicles powered by LPG, natural gas or other alternatives to fuel.

The VEA plan has been approved as an aid for the purchase of hybrid and electric cars, so it may be an interesting option for you.

What about a used car?

Now, there is always the option of buying a used car, and most likely, the conditions are more profitable for you.

What you must take into account is that, due to several factors, your analysis and revision capacity must increase and be refined in case you choose to buy a used car, since having a previous owner you must understand directly with him, negotiate many aspects, and review other factors such as mileage, parts authenticity, documentation, among many others.

But, if at the end of the day buying a used car is more in line with your budget, interests and needs, you can opt for it.

When is the best time to buy a new car?

The truth is that there is no one science that determines the best time to buy a car, because every dealership works with different rules. What you should keep in mind is that, in general, everyone is governed by the law of supply and demand… it is true that there are times of the year when they can be more flexible in view of the amount of sales.

For many, final moments play a very important role, that is, periods of monthly, annual or quarterly closings in which the important thing is sales results, so it could be a good move to bet on sealing the contract on the days closest to them, called “closings”.

Then, some statistics show that the middle of summer is more likely to catch a good price because it is a period of low demand. Even when the models are updated in late summer or early autumn, they can reevaluate the prices leaving some existing models with a considerable decrease.

On the other hand, others opt for the months of January-February when there is a period of economic relaxation in most economies, because while the year resumes not many think about buying a new car.

However, you must analyze that no matter how much the variables of the year are very circumstantial, even by the high or low fuel prices, keep in mind that if you get a good price or offer do not miss the opportunity.

And in the case of used cars, the consensus is that one of the best times to buy them is during the spring, just after the Easter holidays.

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